The Company

Marble experts from 1963, a tale of a continuous search for quality materials.

  • Massa. 1960s. The roots of our craft are here, among real, direct experiences: our hands in close contact with the stone, our head involved with leading industry professionals. We are part of the marble production chain and are constantly committed to our training.


  • Carrara. 1987. Passing the baton from father to son. The need to add an international twist to the experience matured in the local area emerges. We begin working abroad, a new area of research. We find original materials and experiment with new machining applications and uses. We expand the production space and our project begins to take shape.


  • Pietrasanta. 2010. Petris is born, the fruit of two generations who have made marble the subject of their continuous research.


Today the company offers a wide range of marbles, stones and granites, both in slabs and cut to size. The catalogue of materials available at our premises is complemented by a customized offer based on the customer’s requirements and can satisfy the increasingly demanding market with the latest design trends.

Versatility is the keyword that guarantees our dedication from the choice of the type of stone and the evaluation of the design details, to the processing and finishing stages.

The trust gained over time from our most demanding customers is valuable evidence of a commitment, strengthened by our family and artisan origins, that looks to the challenges of the future with the same dedication with which we have chosen to become specialized in natural stone.